Friday, December 22, 2006

Today was a VERY slow day around the office. Our network and internet were on the fritz and the women were busy trying to assemble a shipment. More than anything, we all just sat around and chatted. Some of the girls went Batiking this morning and we all stare blankly at our screens until the “no connection” screen comes up. Batiking is the type of fabric dying that they sell at the Global Mamas shop. Using wax to stamp in a design they will dye the fabric, rinse out the wax, stamp again and then dye in a different color. I am sequestered to Microsoft word because nothing else is working. The moving of the furniture has been put off until the shipment is done as to not hamper production. Not to mention we still can’t decide how we want to arrange everything. Environmental considerations have us constrained i.e. the roof leaks with the slightest rain…and it leaks all around the perimeter. So there is considerably more space in the back shop than we can use. Dinner was at Ellie’s again and tonight us newbies were to try fufu which is a local dish made of Cassava and Plantain. It has the consistency of raw bread dough. Eating it is amusing because you pour your stew on top and then scoop it all out with your hands. Tiffany has a stronger stomach than I. Now it doesn’t taste bad, actually it doesn’t taste like much but the texture was a bit more than I could handle. But you have to try everything once. Exhausted at the end of the day we crawled into bed tired and ready for a good night’s sleep. Note: I promise I am in some of the pictures...It just so happens the ones of Tiffany came out better. By her decree I must be in more of the blog pics of Amanda to come.


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