Wednesday, November 01, 2006

MS Access? It always comes back to haunt me...

Now we are in contact with Renae the technical lead there in Ghana. She is a indispensable resource. Our emails tend to be obsessively long and spread out but she is helping us hammer down what they truly need over there to get business streamlined and not living day to day.

One major task. Get their database up and running that has been in the design phase for a year and a half now. It is all designed in MS Access. I really hate that program. It seems that the minute that you tell anyone that you have an inkling of how to use it they want you to build them a database. And I am less than stellar. So in an effort to get them a usable product with the fewest amount of bugs to work out I have enlisted a friend who is a champ at it. Thanks Mark. Now the question is whether the current version of the database is small enough to be emailed reasonably.

Second task. Inventory management. I think we can surely handle this but we are still defining the problem. More to come.

Third task. They need computer keyboards. They have plenty of mice but are short on keyboards. If anyone has an old one they would like to donate drop me an email.

The trip planning is going well and we are almost to the point of having an itinerary! A few more conversations with the most traveled folks over in Ghana and we will be at the travel agent! This all will seem so much more real once we have a ticket in hand.

That is all for now. More to come soon :)


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