Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Work Work Work...

So the work week began for us on Monday. Tiffany and I have hit the ground running. Our first task was to work with Serpil, who is a fellow engineer, to design an access database to track each business's improvement and also their Free Trade certification. Three engineers and one piece of butcher paper can spawn a few heated discussions but by lunch we had the entire system diagramed out. Then after lunch we were given our task....much more daunting. We are to reorganize the shop - "Lean" out the process. Currently in-shop inventory is a disaster and their inventory tracking system needs rework. Unfortunately, to get to that point it meant a good bit of cleaning. Tiffany is the master of the garbage bag and the phrase, "Just throw it out", and I am quitely in the corner building some drawer dividers so that supplies stay organized. The Ghanaian ladies are not happy at all that we are moving things but by the end of our time here I am sure they will like it. I have to get back to work but here are some before pics of the backshop.


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