Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Long time no post....

I know I know. But if you only knew the half of it. So here is the skinny.


Yes you heard me right. Nothing can stop us. Well, except our creditors....oh well. We will be heading out December 13th and returning January 8th.

You might not have heard from us but I promise we are hard at work. We have just days now until we hit the road and there is so much to still get done.

If you haven't heard, Tiff and I were battling some unforseen happenings lately. She finally recovered from the Flu that would never end long enough to get her immunizations and food posioning. I was taking my car into the shop unexpectedly long enough to borrow my roomie's and total it on the freeway. But we are recovering. She is fit as a fiddle and trying to wrap up work. I am moving a bit slow from the accident but luckily work isn't that tasking right now and I was able to take the sick days I desperately needed. I matter what you heard the trip is still on!

Thank you letters are hitting the mail tomorrow and we are sending out one last round of donation letters. Then the careful task of packing begins. Since we are going even lighter than we orginally anticiapted it will be carefully planned out.

More to come in the next few days!


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