Friday, October 27, 2006

What do you mean I don't have enough vacation time?

So as Tiffany is battling a cold and a horrific work schedule I am using my down time to do some trip planning. Now first you all must be shocked to hear the word "planning" come from me but I figured that this was one time it was warranted.

Before anything else the admin had to be taken care of. Yeehaw for the MS office suit. All the letters are done, address labels made, and update postcards designed. I forgot how quickly you can get carried away from these things. But at least the time was put to good use. So you all will get either a hard copy via snail mail or an email from us in the next few days.

Then it was on to the task of buying our tickets. Once again a larger task than I would have thought. The fact that I am buying a ticket more than two weeks in advance is astonishing me. But once again...trying to think ahead. So a direct flight in and out of Ghana is not much of an option. So I started looking around. Realizing that Tiffany and I have an extra week of vacation that we can use after we do our volunteer work that will have to factor in too. At the heed of my mother I did some research into where to steer clear of only to find that it is like playing a game of hopscotch! If you are going to be backpacking and bus riding then you want to make sure that there isn't a great deal of civil unrest. So the plans are now starting to come together. It is funny how much you don't realize just how big and spread out Africa is until you realize it will take 5-12 hours on a bus between towns. Once I get some more info back I will fill you in on these plans.

There were more planning emails with the ladies at Women in Progress. Kristin is our contact here in the states and she has always been very understanding of our constantly changing schedules. But now we are really starting to dig in. We are narrowing the scope from "Just come over and help out" to "This is what we need". More to come on this soon also.

It seems that communication moves slow as do making some decisions so we are currently in a holding pattern. All I can say is more to come.....


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