Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A woman you should meet


Production Manager, Women in Progress
Miss Lizzy Dawutey is responsible for the production process of all the batikers and seamstresses who work with WIP. Lizzy ensures on-time delivery and quality of product. She also plays a key role in coordinating interaction between volunteers and members of WIP and implementing the development of new clothing lines. Prior to joining WIP, Lizzy worked with both Narh-Bita Hospital and Adansi West District Assembly as a store officer. She earned her HND certificate in purchasing and supply from Koforidua Polytechnic.

Lizzy is the workhorse of the backshop of the Women in Progress organization. She controls products that come in and go out. Lizzy has her own process and we spent a great deal of time with her learning just how things functioned in such a small space with so many hands. She makes sure that every inch of fabric and every garment with the Global Mammas tag is of the utmost quality. With a look to kill that told us the minute that we were moving things out of synch with her well oiled machine and a smile that could make anyone laugh she was patient with us Obrunis as we all worked together to make her job as easy as possible.


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